Creating curiosity through collaboration

We believe in the human potential because anyone deserves the opportunity to lead a life of fulfillment. We work together because our differences inspire curiosity, and our curiosity drives passion.

A siloed education

At some point in our lives, we have all been students. That being said, education is something that connects us all; and yet, it divides us at the same time.

Complex global issues cannot be solved through a single perspective

Institutions want to prepare students entering an evolving workplace

Students have difficulty collaborating in multidisciplinary teams

So how do we teach students to collaborate and engage in work that matters to them?

There’s no simple answer; but we hope Gravit8 can change that.

Enabling collaboration between students

Our mission is to facilitate student interactions across different disciplines and backgrounds through exploration and collaboration.

Turning mirrors into windows

Gravit8 is an online facilitation platform that uses projects to provide collaboration opportunities for students to experience working in a multidisciplinary team.

We create a digital medium to complement communities and institutions, where anyone can

Post an idea and explore different areas of interest

Post a pitch and find talented people to collaborate with

Post a project and build up a personal portfolio

Through Gravit8, students have the opportunity to

Get feedback about their ideas, pitches and projects

Interact with students across different disciplines and backgrounds

Explore new interests and experience different career paths

Built with students in mind

"Gravit8 allowed us to have a hub to organise and curate ideas. It's something that a group chat in Slack or Facebook would not be able to provide, while at the same time more complicated solutions are too complicated."

Stanley Yuen

Startup Weekend UBC Organizer

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